Automated Valuation Services

Our AVM is the first to be used in Romania to assess portfolios by the most reliable automated valuation method: MRA, multiple regression analysis. This model was developed together with Momentum Technologies, leader in the field of automated valuation in the Netherlands.
In Romania, a team of experts (valuers, statisticians and IT specialists) participated in the model’s adoption.

Portfolio Valuation

This model complies with the ANEVAR 2016 Standards of Valuation, the GEV Valuation Guide 520 Loan Guarantee Assessment as well as Annex 2 to GEV 520: Global Assessment of Bank Guarantee Portfolios.
Moreover, all statistically estimated values are verified and adjusted, if necessary by local valuers.
Following the analysis of the Romanian real estate market we selected and proposed the MRA valuation method (multiple regression analysis), adapted to the market realities:

  • The price indices-based method, which is valuable in identifying market trends, is inaccurate and ineffective in estimating individual market values.

  • The data pair comparisons (benchmarking) and the extraction of adjustments for the main property features has the great disadvantage of relying only on the records of a few properties, which can generate numerous errors, not to mention the cost of applying such a warranty package approach to the thousands of guarantees.


Automated Property Valuation (priceExpert)

Ideal for buyers, sellers for an instant, reliable and low cost market value check.
Also used by banks, mortgage lenders and non-financial institutions to verify values for properties involved in foreclosures and mortgage lending/prescoring.

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