Market Research

Analize Imobiliare is the first and the most trusted Real Estate Intelligence platform in Romania. We deliver nationwide property analytics, with leading banks, mortgage lenders and property developers all subscribing to our Price Indices and Market Reports.

Home Price Indices (HPI)

Built on the most comprehensive and detailed Property Database in Romania, with records spanning more than 15 years, our House Price Indices deliver information about key historical and current market trends for residential properties nationwide, in county residences and development regions.


Benchmarking Analysis

A reliable benchmarking analysis is critical to monitor and verify market values of different property types located in different areas. Our analysis combines trusted data sources in a single dataset to provide an accurate and current minimum, and average and maximum sale and rent prices for residential and commercial properties in districts in all 41 county residences and in over 100 cities.


Liquidity Analysis

Compared to other types of investment, investment in real estate involves a long-term decision. We consider that market liquidity is the most important indicator in any investment and mortgage decision. Therefore, we analyze and interpret all the indicators describing the degree of liquidity of more than 300 cities in Romania, capturing records from trusted public and private data, key figures being the number of transactions, time spent on the market and market volume (supply)


Primary Market Monitoring

Since 2016 and Analize Imobiliare have been running the most extensive and trusted developer market research in Romania. Residential projects in Romania are monitored on a regular basis in the metropolitan areas of the main cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Constanta, Craiova and Brasov. On demand, we also monitor smaller cities.


Dedicated Reports for Developers

Complete, historical and up-to-date information is vital in making the best strategic business decisions and investment in residential projects. Regardless of the stage of the project, understanding the context of the real estate market offers the main competitive advantage.


Analize Imobiliare is the first and most trusted Real Estate Intelligence platform in Romania, developed by in collaboration with top statisticians and property valuers in Romania and Momentum Technologies Netherlands – leader in the Dutch market of automated evaluations.

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Romanian Residential Market – Q4 2019


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